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August 27, 2010

Dark & Cute Treasury!

Hello Everyone!

I decide to start the first treasury with cute gothic inspired items that could be great gifts for young people. Considering that Halloween is coming up I thought that featuring a couple of shops form Etsy with dark but cute stuff would be a great way to start off. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Cute & Dark Gifts

less than $20 

Men's Studded Cuff  Red & Black Gingham  Clippies
il_430xN.168612313 il_430xN.152487978
TinaagleShop  $17 KalliopeKreations $5
Sugar Skull Plush Alice in Wonderland Pouch
il_430xN.168484456 il_430xN.160339625
Raspberryrocket $4.99 HautTotes $15.50
Gothic Arm-Warmers Piosonberry Pumkin
Patch Earrings
il_430xN.166349672 il_430xN.167734363
Darkfusionboutique$20   MollythePirate  $10
Black- The Devil Bunny Gothic Girl & her Umbrella- Print
il_430xN.83622742 il_430xN.165968610
 Zeropumpkin $17  VelvetMorning  $10

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