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August 29, 2010

Simply Weird, Unique & Interesting!

Ok, so while I was looking for sellers to post for the previous post, I found myself amazed with all the beautiful, unique items that are simply weird & interesting! Check these out!

Loopy Goth ArtDoll   
OOAK Sandra
Purple people eater
il_430xN.167767983 il_430xN.168463033
Loopyboopy $125  Dogzillalives$120
Int Bonus d20 Dangle
  Organic Swirl Focal 2
il_430xN.165278351 il_430xN.152589404
Unintentional $12   MitosisGlass $8.50
Sterling Silver Evil Eye Ring Steampunk Acorn  Girl  Necklace



Twistedsisterarts $100

  CosmicFirefly $45

The minute I saw these items I thought, “thank God for Etsy!” I just think that it’s amazing the weird and beautiful things one can find in the net! I really enjoyed searching for these shop!


Mitosis Glass said...

Thank you so much for including my Organic Swirl Focal bead! I'm in fantastic company here.

anacdesigns said...

I love these finds! :)

Maaike said...

I saw the Evil eye as well.. I love her designs! :D