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October 12, 2010

Creating a Picture Package in Photoshop

Getting images ready in one page can be time consuming, specially if you need the same image in several sizes for different purposes. For instance, I was planning on launching a party at home to showcase all my wrap skirts and get the people to know more about my work in Etsy. I decided that I wanted to start by creating my little ad with my info, which will end up being my address forward sticker ,stickers to be printed out and give to my clients and a flyer with my Etsy address. All in different sizes since they all have different purposes. Photoshop did all the work for me, I needed the same image in 3 different sizes all in one page, that is when Picture Package comes in. Take a look at my tutorial, I hope you guys enjoy it, and like always please leave some comments! :D

October 8, 2010

Awesome Gifts under $50!

Just got back from being very busy at school! I know, school can be very time consuming and it's a bit hard to handle school, my store and my blog, but I do love to do the three things so I don't mind :D I was a little behind on a couple of Mini Treasuries that I had in mind to start. I started to come across with these interesting shops in the chat rooms and forums and couldn't wait to do one focused on those that are planning to buy gifts but not that expensive, so I just created a "Under $50 gifts Treasury" . I am hoping these Christmas will pick up and people will start shopping! Check these cute gift items!
Rocking Chair 
Charm Pendant
Angelic Ammo- Silver Bronze Bullet Pendant    Route 66 Hair  Pins
il_430xN.181514597 il_430xN.142573434 il_430xN.176542915
FallenAngelBrass $5
TrashAndTrinkets $48
Jackdawpilate $10

High Waisted Silk Skirt

Folk Art Aceo  Beeswax Painting

Handmade Paper Flowers
il_430xN.100996600 il_430xN.170458976 il_430xN.132473556
Tangente $30 LiaLane $15 Mcfunk90 $20

Miniature Citrus Clay Flowers

Mermaid's Tear Glass Bottle Bracelet

Recycled Book
Purse- Burnt House
il_430xN.177331675 il_430xN.174861324 il_430xN.178632165
SimplyByBex $40 kodashii88 $47 Smartdesigningr $45

Tree & Sun TShirt

Peach Rose Victorian Comb

Chocolate Bon Bon Magnets
il_430xN.171228925 il_430xN.174337888 il_430xN.165942888
Bittybamboo $18 Hotpinkchick $10.50 JustWhatsIts $10

Hand Painted
Picture Frame

Baby Mommy Elephant Print

Lego Skull Shield Stud Earrings
il_430xN.170325963 il_430xN.169539134 il_430xN.165732042
Sweetdixiedesigns $24 Trendypeas $44 ArtifactsNRelics $14