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September 24, 2010

Weekend Promo Party!

Pom Cupcake Topppers By MySilly Bear

Hey guys!
Another Weekend Promo Party! Let's celebrate that things are finally picking up in Etsy, and strat some serious promotion! I decided to open this Party for this weekend, so it will be ending by midnight Sunday. So hop in! all you got to do is place a comment on any of my treasuries or video tutorials, Please feel free to request for specific tutorials, as I am always open to the public's feedback :D Enjoy your FREE PROMOTION!

September 18, 2010

Creating Product Line Sheets

This video will be focused in creating Product Line Sheets in Photoshop using the Contact Sheet Tool. What is a Product line sheet? and Why would you need it for? It's  the same as a  linesheet, which is the term that we call in the apparel industry as designers . It's a page with all your products lined up with product tittles, style numbers, and sometimes retail prices. Product sheets are excellent to  prospective wholesale buyers, boutiques, vendors, or anyone that is interested in seeing your line of products.
Product sheets, as you see, are very useful. Like I mentioned in my video, getting together a book with all your products takes time, but Photoshop gives you a way of creating a Product Sheet in a easy less time consuming manner. You don't have to worry about any resizing and lining next to each other and all that nonsense. Photoshop lets you create a batch of pictures and it automatically lines up the sheet for you! :D  Isn't that awesome?, well I will show you how to do it, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Please comment and remember feedback is always appreciated! :D

September 16, 2010

Summer Treasury!

This new summer treasury will feature lots of shops with items priced not higher than $70. I decided to create a price cap for considering how the economy how days. I was able to find some very interesting jewelry, buttons, editable and much more!

Passage Necklace Yellow Rosette Retro Hair Clip Polymer Clay Necklace
il_570xN.236557919 il_430xN.169981246 il_430xN.169902512
Sojourncuriosities $50 Onewildorange $10.50 Kucuksheyler $15
3rd Birthday Tutu Outfit Wedding Bouquet Plum & Oak Hand Knit Baby Booties
il_430xN.169379721 il_430xN.174327720 il_430xN.166864935
 BellaModernBa by $45 Creativedesign4u
Ablueearth $22
  Felt Love
  Letter Toy
Eat Shit Die Coffee Mug Modern
Bird Print Pillow
il_430xN.100197184 cup il_430xN.172041931
Somethingmon umental $5 Knotworkshop $15 Suebrever $19
Black Filigree  
Leaf Earrings
Chair Necklace Button Bobbies
il_430xN.152284439 il_430xN.122332895 il_430xN.159369481
KatdesignsNYC $12 Daileedose $24 Amberike $5
Crown Necklace Queen Necklace Antoinette
il_430xN.146573825 il_430xN.164532335 il_430xN.107549517
Daileedose $19 Paulahiga $68 Kiwicuties $20
Best Wishes
Flower Card
Brow Flower
Brass & Copper 
il_430xN.122224404 il_430xN.167723762 il_430xN.171521130
Ablemabel $3.75 TStyles $47 Beadedrelics $15
Mad Hatter Tea Party Pendant Migration- Limited Edition 50's White Bugle Beaded Purse
il_430xN.154016246 il_430xN.163979034 il_430xN.172591869
Thependantemporium $8 Chanyeevon $25 Loveintheafternoon $48


I also noticed that there are many shops with very cute illustrations, like the Migration Print from Chanyeevon and Antoinette from Kiwicuties, very interesting prints!

September 12, 2010

The September Chu, Chu, Train Promo!

               Chu, Chu, Train Necklace By TheWellingtonBoot

 Welcome! Lets all hop in the September Chu, Chu, Train!!  

All you have to do is the following Super Simple Steps:
1- Comment on the weekly video tutorials, mini treasuries, and posts. (optional, but very appreciated)
2- Follow and Bookmark this blog (very helpful tutorials, treasuries and critiques are given weekly)
3- Go to "click here to enter". It will take you to a link where you will ad your name/image from your site or shop. (Remember, it can be your site, FB, Twitter, or Etsy Shop)
4- Your thumbnail will be added to this linky list and you get FREE PROMO.
5- I will be following every single one of you for my Mini Treasuries.

The support from everyone is very much appreciated. Please feel free to take this Chu Chu Train, far, far away... by posting it in Facebook, Twitter, forums and chats. It's great to see people getting together in one place, share the beauty they can make and getting to see other peoples stuff too! Thanks for hopping into the Chu, Chu Train! Yey!
Love, Marga

This linky list is now closed.