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September 12, 2010

The September Chu, Chu, Train Promo!

               Chu, Chu, Train Necklace By TheWellingtonBoot

 Welcome! Lets all hop in the September Chu, Chu, Train!!  

All you have to do is the following Super Simple Steps:
1- Comment on the weekly video tutorials, mini treasuries, and posts. (optional, but very appreciated)
2- Follow and Bookmark this blog (very helpful tutorials, treasuries and critiques are given weekly)
3- Go to "click here to enter". It will take you to a link where you will ad your name/image from your site or shop. (Remember, it can be your site, FB, Twitter, or Etsy Shop)
4- Your thumbnail will be added to this linky list and you get FREE PROMO.
5- I will be following every single one of you for my Mini Treasuries.

The support from everyone is very much appreciated. Please feel free to take this Chu Chu Train, far, far away... by posting it in Facebook, Twitter, forums and chats. It's great to see people getting together in one place, share the beauty they can make and getting to see other peoples stuff too! Thanks for hopping into the Chu, Chu Train! Yey!
Love, Marga

This linky list is now closed.


Softpencil said...

Very interesting blog!!! I´m following you :)
Thank you for the opportunity to promte our shops here! ;)

VidalButtons said...

You are welcome! let's hope that we all get most exposure!

priti said...

following you now:)
great tutorials.........thanx for the opportunity:)

Anonymous said...

Ah this is so cool to do and very easy, and I found a lot of good new shops! Thanks! :)

Karin said...

Been following for a bit - very interesting & always educational! Thanks for the promos!!!!

10Yen said...

very clever thanks for the opportunity! following you now :)

janet said...

How wonderful...thank you!

The Empty Nest

craziegracie said...

I have to be redundant and say ~ Very Clever !
You have hit the bulls-eye with this promo. TYVM
(Wieber Art)

VidalButtons said...

Guys! this is great! I already got a few emails saying thanks because this exposure gave them sales! YEY! :D

Trish said...

Thanks for your're the bomb!
Black Rock Vintage
Reno, Nevada

Mandy Crandell said...

Awesome! Thanks for helping all of us! It means so much!

VidalButtons said...

I think this chu chu train expires tonight sometime. It automatically closes, but stay tuned as I will make another one! :D