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September 12, 2010

Change the color of your Background

I was searching for shops to feature in my blog and stumbled upon numerous shops that have background colors that were too similar to the color of there products. This made me think of doing a video to show a few tricks to edit your backgrounds independently from your product. This will prevent from changing the colors of your product and you will be able to keep it true to it's original color and only work with the background.

One of the main tools to work with is Replace Color as far as changing one specific color in the composition. Please take a look at my video and feel free to leave some comments :D



Vicky Bell said...

This is really helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do this! - freshurbanvintage on Etsy

Erin said...

Great blog!

Extrafinecreations said...

This was extremely helpful. Looking forward to your future tutorials.

All About Cats said...

Thanks for the informative video.