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September 18, 2010

Creating Product Line Sheets

This video will be focused in creating Product Line Sheets in Photoshop using the Contact Sheet Tool. What is a Product line sheet? and Why would you need it for? It's  the same as a  linesheet, which is the term that we call in the apparel industry as designers . It's a page with all your products lined up with product tittles, style numbers, and sometimes retail prices. Product sheets are excellent to  prospective wholesale buyers, boutiques, vendors, or anyone that is interested in seeing your line of products.
Product sheets, as you see, are very useful. Like I mentioned in my video, getting together a book with all your products takes time, but Photoshop gives you a way of creating a Product Sheet in a easy less time consuming manner. You don't have to worry about any resizing and lining next to each other and all that nonsense. Photoshop lets you create a batch of pictures and it automatically lines up the sheet for you! :D  Isn't that awesome?, well I will show you how to do it, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Please comment and remember feedback is always appreciated! :D


Castleco said...

This is a great idea! I came across a similar idea, but more of a larger business card with pictures and website addresses. I like the idea of having titles with the pictures.


VidalButtons said...

I know, I think is a great easy way to get your stuff together at once :D

Knits said...

Very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

BegForABag said...

thanks so much for sharing! your photoshop tutorials are always so helpful :)