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January 17, 2011

2011 Promo Bus!

Great News! the New Year's Free Promo Bus is still running! Check in and add your Shop's avatar and browse around these amazing shops from Etsy. Personally, my new resolution this year is to cross-promote everywhere and share some love and creativeness with others. I am planning to make some really cute stuff for my shop this year, clean and reinvent everything, time to wash away 2010!
Hop in and have fun! Don't forget to check my Etsy Photoshop Tutorials! :D

This year will be filled with many amazing opportunities for all us shop owners, given that there have been some really positive new things added to Etsy and I feel that some new features will really help us go through sales a lot more easier and will give the buyers a better more fun experience in our shops. I feel that the new feature of Sales Stats has given me a great overview of the monthly and weekly sales and gives me a view of how my sales are going, who else thinks the same? Add your comments below, I will love to see what others think.

Visuals and Beautiful Calendar by TheNebulousKingdom

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