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January 29, 2011

US & International Shipping, How do I figure it out?

Ok guys, I know it can be a pain to send international but once you get a hold of it you will be find. Just wanted to post a link that always, but ALWAYS helped me, the zone and price chart from check out the linkable preview below.

So basically what it is, is that USPS categorizes countries by zones and the chart gives you the pricing by zone and weight. How do you know what zone you are sending to? easy, it provides you with a list of all countries and zones. I personally figured out which zones where the most expensive and basically based by prices from there. For instance if you check the list, you will notice that Australia is one of the most expensive place to ship no matter the size or weight. This I used as a standard and went from there. I really thin this chart helped me in many ways, hope it does for you guys! :D Oh, I posted the link right below the pictures just in case the pictures are not taking you to the link.

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monicadances said...

Thanks Vidal's. You are always so helpful!

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