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August 30, 2010

Undiscovered New Shops!

Ok, so I figured that with the recession and the bad economy, many are coming with creative ways of having some extra income (including myself :D) This leads to many people opening shops in Etsy and many other online selling venues. I discovered a few amazing shops and wanted to share with you guys!


Wish Granted Earrings Green & Copper
Fairy Necklace
il_430xN.161184337 il_fullxfull.170144796
DoxyDame $16 ElainaLouiseStudios $55
Antique Brass  Nightingale Necklace Simple Elegance
Bridal Pin
il_430xN.144666796 il_430xN.156058531
 AllureByU $ 22 CReid0409 $25
Off the Page Flower
Hair Pin
Orange Linen- Pillow Cover
il_430xN.168376460 il_430xN.170111559
TriggerHappyTrends $6   Sukanart  $34.95
Primitive Halloween Candy Corn’s VW Beetle Photograph
il_430xN.170201873 il_430xN.157746181
 LittlePenniAnn $11.99  Vmphotography  $13


Doxy Dame said...

Oh this is awesome! You certainly are a motivated woman! I love your finds! And that beetle photo is awesome. I love how it's parked in a regular garage full o' stuff. :oD Good luck w/ your future featuring! And thanks for putting my earrings up there I really appreciate it.

chantell said...

Thank you for featuring my Bridal Hair Pin. What a wonderful idea!!! The paper flower pin is sooo unique! I love it!!!!

VidalButtons said...

Thanks guys! Wish you many sales!