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September 11, 2010

Makeover Tutorials

After long hours of trying to figure out how the video posting works, I finally got it to work! :D

For the longest time, I have been wanting to help others with there picture editing and figured out that the best way was to start doing mini tutorials. I have been selling in Etsy for over 2 years, I believe, and noticed that the same problem repeats over as far a pictures go. Like I mentioned before, having a great picture is a key to success for an Etsy shop or even any online selling venue. Customers are all about trying to get the feel of the item as close as possible through the pictures.

A couple of days ago I decided to post a thread in Etsy mentioning my video tutorial idea, and I offered to get a few pics from volunteered sellers. In this tutorial I decided to work with a picture by seller  Twistedbeading who actually makes some really nice jewelry pieces, including this Red Tiger Eye Ring.

The picture below has a great angle and it is a great close-up to the actual product, which is great. The only thing that prevents the prospective buyer from appreciating the beauty of the ring even more, is that blueish glare or reflection from the background which removes part of the actual original color from this beautiful ring. I worked with a couple of tools in Photoshop in order to fix these minor issues to make the item look even more attractive. I really hope this serves as a help for many. Thanks for watching! :D                                                  

        BEFORE                                                      AFTER





                                     More Jewelry By Twistedbeading

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Brenda Doodles said...

Great tutorial, thank you!

Mickey said...

Your tutorials are a great help!

I'm totally self-taught in photoshop and have been struggling with the best use of some of the color correction tools. Thanks for your straightforward easy-to-follow guides here!

Twisted said...

Thank you so much for choosing my red tiger eye ring for a makeover. And for sharing these wonderful tips, esp on video!!! Easy to understand. Thanks again.

VidalButtons said...

Thanks guys! :D

Jennifer said...

Love this post :) I just recently discovered some of these photo editing tricks and it completely changed the look of my shop. Great ideas!

Dena said...

I would love to have Photoshop on my computer someday!! WOW... what fun it would be to work with it to get better looking photos. Thanks for sharing all the tips on your wonderful blog... :)

Maaike said...

Ohoh.. i had now idea I could do that :D my sales, non existant at the moment, can only go up up up! :D Thanks so much! :)