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September 5, 2010

Sweet Long Weekend!

Hello Everyone!
Considering that this a Labor Day Weekend I decided to go with my boyfriend in the motorcycle to Santa Cruz Boardwalk and have fun for these two days! I will use this weekend to get inspired for my next Treasury which will be focused on summer, bright colors, and fun stuff that one can wear for what we have left of the summer. At least here in San Francisco and East Bay the weather still feels a bit summery :D
Stick around for my weekly Makeover critiques and makeovers and also my Summer Treasury! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! Before I leave I want to leave you guys with some cute summery stuff that I found in Etsy! Let's have fun! :D

il_430xN.170942199                                                  By Ikabags

il_430xN.171191201                                                   By JennMaruskaDesign    

                                                 By CoupleHome

                                                        By Artyecological


IKABAGS said...

Beautiful collection !

Thanks so much supporting handmade and including my bag !

Beads, Beads and more Beads said...

Hey love long weekends, I've made salsa, spaghetti sauce, hot pepper jelly and pesto! gee what will I do tomorrow! Thanks for including me!! Artyecological

VidalButtons said...

Thanks guys! I just came back from Santa Cruz! Lovely! Can't wait to get my new treasury inspired on the colors that I saw! :D