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November 2, 2010

Fall Gifts under $80

Hello my friends, this is my new Mini Treasury of Fall Gifts items under $80. I found so many colorful items that would be great for gifts for these Christmas! Personally I love the color purple, so I decided to start with purple tones into bright reds and some peach. Etsy is an amazing place to find these kind of unique gifts. Also I decided to add unusual gift ideas like Gift Tags, since they are handmade they are an awesome gift for someone that loves to make gifts for these Christmas. Felted items are so in too! from cute decorative hearts to laptop cases are really the next generation's favorite fabric! so easy to sew and so many amazing colors.

Crochet Mary Janes Slipper Socks Lime Canvas Skirt Dopamine Molecule Embroidered Heart Ornament
il_570xN.182997600 il_570xN.145026977 il_570xN.182463204
Sweetbriers $16 SouthernSkirts $50 Whatnomints $15
Superhero Shoes- Leopar Wings Cookie- Print Kawaii Striped Cupcake Necklace
il_570xN.185780588 Capture il_570xN.183033513
 Smallfly $22 Magicbeanbuyer $16 Allysin $15
Red Art Necklace Holidays Gifts Christmas Tags Checkered Tea Box
il_570xN.179534804 il_570xN.181654282 il_570xN.186448336
Papermockingbird $79 Hjmart $8.50 KhaliNouveau $50
Everyday Lady Wristlet Pouch The Healer- Print Hanger or Hook Duck
il_570xN.185843800 il_570xN.185773866 il_570xN.187194938
LilachOren $20 Braidy $40 PortugueseVintage $11
Triple Disc Water Blue Necklace  Yoga Mat Bag- Astro Blythe- English Rose Felt Doll Hat
il_570xN.164310097 il_570xN.173866705 il_570xN.152100378
Soulsongcreations $28 ChellaBellaDesigns$20 Cindysowers $15


I also noticed that there are many shops with very cute dolls, and prints. These are great ideas for gifts and even for your daily routines. I loves the little tea box, very cute!


Lilach Oren said...

what a wonderful gift list!! thank you so much for featuring my pink pouch in it!
you have such a wonderful blog

Lilach Oren ♥

Jacqueline Gikow said...

Wonderful group of gifts. You were wondering if blogging was worth it and I left a post on your thread. I like blogging, but I think it's a personal preference. If you like writing and sharing your ideas with others that should be your motivation. I don't know how many actual sales are going to result. That's why they call it social media not sales media ;-)

kc said...

Lovin' the new look, and the treasury is real nice, too! Teal is my absolute FAVORITE color - easy on ye olde eyeballs!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Love the MagicBeanBuyer woman! Thanks for posting this.