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January 27, 2011

The other night I was browsing around the Etsy forums and found out that the Ecrater has been working for many Etsy pips. check my shop so that you have an idea of the site, Vidals You can find the forum post at, Etsy. I knew about this site but was never sure what it exactly did. Anyways so here it goes, apparently you can set up a shop there with all your listings for FREE and all it does is that it features all kind of products, handmade and commercial and it makes your products for relevant and visible to the Google Search. There is traffic- 1.7m and growing. They're bigger than ArtFire and Fineartamerica. Up to what I know, there is no limit on the listings and I guess it does works to get more traffic to your shop.

I finally tried it and created my fabrics shop, haven't had any sales from there, but I must say that I did get many views right away. In my opinion, any thing that brings me more traffic to my Etsy shop works for me, plus it doesn't charge me anything. Just wanted to let you guys know about this site.

Comments are more than welcome, would love to hear your thoughts! :D


monicadances said...

Miss Vidal,
This is a great idea! Is there a way that we can follow your blog. In other words, where is the follow button.

Lindo Show

VidalButtons said...

You can follow the blog on the left menu. By the way, love your name!LOL thanks!

kc said...

Ecrater looks easy enough and it's FREE! THANKS for sharing your find - it's first I've seen of it (must've come about on one of those rare days I didn't get into the etsy forums!) I've signed up & willb e creating a shop lickety-split!