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January 13, 2011

New Years Shops Promo Party Bus!



London PinkBus by Lulisplanet

Hello Everyone & Happy New Years!
Hop in our fun New Years Promo Party Bus to promote each other and start the new years with many many sales! Just register below and add your avatar and then spread the work in Facebook, Twitter or Flickr! Simple and easy!
Also I wanted to keep everyone updated on the new upcoming awesome shops that just opened in Etsy. Many people are getting to know more about new ways to recycle and help our environment, and sell there creations online. I just found a couple of shops that I thought were really interesting and creative. For instance, LRLCreations makes beautiful rings out of unusual materials and many other interesting new upcoming items to come! I also found this new shop called EatGreen who also works with recyclable materials, like recycled crochet hats and really cool plastic recycled bag hearted shaped keychains. It makes me really glad every time I hear people making amazing stuff with our own resources that we use on a daily basis.

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kc said...

Thanks for getting the bus rolling again! Can't wait to see who else steps on!!