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June 11, 2011

Summer Treasuries!

This new summer treasury will feature lots of shops with items priced not higher than $70. I decided to create a price cap for considering how the economy how days. I was able to find some very interesting jewelry, buttons, editable and much more!

Passage Necklace Custom Moss Ring Pillow 1 onz Sunset Rouge Tea
il_570xN.236557919 il_570xN.212874390 il_570xN.203319259
Sojourncuriosities $50 Braggingbags $60 Dreamweavershop $3.50
Chalkboard Tags
Victorian B&W Spats My Cariads Wrist Wrap Bracelet
il_570xN.237359618 il_570xN.230746357 il_570xN.230250989
Bradensgracewallart $8 Joelmasouza $69 MyCariads $45
Oxidized Upcycled Basket Brownie Sunday Charm Cherry Button Earrings
il_570xN.227738606 il_570xN.249651385 il_570xN.228060243
EatGreen $15 GodsLilTippy $2 Snailtreasures $6
Coffee Nights Art Print AlteredHeads Dolly Photo SLS Free Orange Vanilla Soap
il_570xN.247734470 il_570xN.207170735 il_570xN.143232216
Courtneyoquist$15 AlteredHead $9.95 Mbell34 $4.50
Cupcake Lollipop Cookies Yellow Sunshine Origami Earrings Noodle Stoneware Serving Bowl
il_570xN.249630338 il_570xN.241484840 il_570xN.215675576
CookiesLaCouture $15 FourthKingdom $14 OneClayBead $28
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake Soap Elephant Art-
Under The Stars
One Sweet
Day Print- Sale
il_570xN.197973020 il_570xN.248724011 il_570xN.183264053
Soapopotamus $6 HamjArt $10 Thepoppytree $11.90


I love the art found in Etsy! Many cute lovely stuff! Great prints, soaps, supplies, and accessories! Feel free to comment below and remember to follow the blog as I will be featuring more wonderful items from my followers! Thanks!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Wonderful finds! Very talented people on etsy! Thank you for including my Orange Blossom soap in this, I feel honored!